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Currently:86.9°F Night time, Dry, Clear skies
Night time, Dry, Clear skies
Comfort Index: ---
 Updated18-May-2024 9:00pm @ 
Time of Next Full Update: 9:05 pm -  Station Elev: 1469 ft  
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-2°F at Scottsboro Municipal Airport Word Field, AL
3.41in at Russellville Municipal Ap, AR

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102°F at Phoenix Airport, AZ
102°F at Laughlin Bullhead Intl Ap, AZ
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Welcome to the Pepper Ridge North Valley Weather Station Home Page

The North Valley's Weather and Lightning Resource, in north Phoenix, Arizona!

The weather station features include; the posting of near realtime, current weather conditions to the internet using AJAX & PHP. These conditions include; temperature, humidity, dewpoint, wind speed and direction and precipitation. Check out the, Current Conditions Page, for the daily statistical listing of the day's Highs and Lows and other weather extremes which are updated every 5 to 10 minutes. Also check out the near Real Time Lightning Page. This is a real neat and very active page during the Arizona Monsoon Season!

Pepper Ridge Weather Station Other website features include; the, Monsoon Page, and the Basics of the Monsoon page, a comprehensive Historical Data section, Radar and Satellite maps and Tropical Weather. Additional weather features include; the Forecast/Links Page, with, Astronomical info, Local forecasts, Weather Warnings and a Web Cam, the Weather Photos section and the Weather Links Page, which includes the following links; NWS Phoenix, Az, Maricopa County Flood Control, Wunderground and Weather for You. We also have a newly added Weather Education section, full of weather information and terminology.


Tonight: Clear

Sunday: Sunny
Lo 68 °FHi 96 °F

Forecast Details    

Currents Template

Current Live Weather Conditions at: PEPPER RIDGE NORTH VALLEY

Updated:  @ 18-May-2024 9:00pm  -      (See Real-time Graphs )
Summary / Temperature Wind Rain Outlook
Night time, Dry, Clear skies  Night time, Dry, Clear skies
Temperature: 86.9°F Colder 2.9°F than last hour.
Comfort Index:

Feels Like: 83
Temp Rate: /hr
24 Hours Ago: 83.2°F
24 Hour Difference: +3.7 F Warmer 3.7°F than 24 hours ago.
Today's High:
97.5 °F
Today's Low:
69.0 °F
Yesterday's High: 96.7 °F
Yesterday's Low: 67.5 °F
97.5 °F
on: May 18
52.5 °F
on: May 6
 Wind from W W
0.0 mph
0 Bft*
* Beaufort wind force number
10 Min Avg: 0.0 mph
Peak Gust
Last Hr:
  0.0  mph
Max Gust Today: 12.0 mph  4:51pm
Max Gust
this Month:
24.2 mph on: May  5  
Rain Today: 0.00
Rain Rate (/hr): 0.000
Rain Yesterday: 0.00
This Month: 0.01
Yearly Total: 6.13
Last Year Todate: 3.98 in
Date of
Last Rain:
5/16/2024 @  7:46 AM
Days since
Last Rain:
2 Days

Sunday: Sunny

Hi 96 °F
Humidity & Barometer Almanac Moon
Humidity: 18 % Increased 1% since last hour.
Dew Point: 38.3 °F Decreased 0.9°F since last hour.
Barometer: 29.74 in Rising 0.02 inHg/hour
Baro Trend: Rising slowly
Sunrise: 5:24 am
Sunset: 7:23 pm
Moonrise: 3:10 pm
Moonset: 2:47 am
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon, Moon age: 10 days,9 hours,42 minutes,80%

UV Index Solar Radiation
  0.0 None
High: 5.0  Medium  
0 W/m2 (0% of max)
High:  1037 W/m2 

@ 10:57am
24 Hour Averages This Year's Temp Extremes Estimated Cloud Base: Air Quality
24 Hour
Avg Temp:
85.0 °F
97.5 °F
on: 5/18 /2024
25.2 % Yearly
29.3 °F
on: 1/8 /2024
29.769 in/Hg
Records* for Today: Metar/Sky Conditions:
in: 2009
Phoenix, Az (Deer Valley):

55.8 °F
in: 2019
Clear skies
*Daily records since 2007 with WD
Clouds at:  11128 Ft 
Current AQI

Get Details:

1.15 kg/m3

State Hourly Temperature Map

City: Phoenix
Time: 05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: 87.0F
Low Temp Today: 65.0F
Daily Rain: 0.00 in ID: KSAD
City: Safford
Time: 05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: 86.0F
Low Temp Today: 52.0F
Daily Rain: 0.00 in ID: KTUS
City: Tucson
Time: 05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: 84.0F
Low Temp Today: 59.0F
Daily Rain: 0.00 in ID: KOLS
City: Nogales
Time: 05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: 80.0F
Low Temp Today: 52.0F
Daily Rain: 0.00 in ID: KGCN
City: Grand Canyon
Time: 05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: 60.0F
Low Temp Today: 24.0F
Daily Rain: T ID: KFLG
City: Flagstaff
Time: 05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: 59.0F
Low Temp Today: 29.0F
Daily Rain: T ID: KIGM
City: Kingman
Time: 05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: 73.0F
Low Temp Today: 46.0F
Daily Rain: 0.00 in ID: KPGA
City: Page
Time: 05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: 71.0F
Low Temp Today: 56.0F
Daily Rain: 0.00 in ID: KPRC
City: Prescott
Time: 05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: 70.0F
Low Temp Today: 42.0F
Daily Rain: 0.00 in ID: KSOW
City: Show Low
Time:  05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: --.0F
Low Temp Today: 42.0F
Daily Rain: 0.00 in ID: KYUM
City: Yuma
Time:  05/05 05:50 PM.
High Temp Today: 87.0F
Low Temp Today:  61.0F
Daily Rain: 0.00

State Satellite & Radar Composite Map

For additional Arizona Weather information use the following links;
for Arizona Hourly Temps and Arizona Highs and Lows

         The Current:
Fire Index

3 Day Monsoon Dewpoint Tracker

Dewpoint History

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     As of:   9:00 PM   on:   5/18/2024   
The Temperature is:    86.9°F Colder 2.9°F than last hour.    
The Dewpoint Temp is:   38.3 °FDecreased 0.9°F since last hour.     

Dewpoint Average must be at 55°F or higher for 3 days in a row
to offically start the Monsoon Season!!
This rule generally applies from Jun 15th - Sept30th!!

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* Note: The Clocks listed at the top of the page reference your computers local time, The (UTC) Clock is a reference to the difference from local Arizona time which is 7 hrs behind (UTC). The Ajax live conditions time is the actual weather stations time.

 Pepper Ridge North Valley Random Weather Facts

Wind Chill - The wind chill temperature is what the temperature "feels like" to people and animals during cold weather. Wind chill is based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by wind and cold. As the wind increases, it draws heat from the body, driving down skin temperature and eventually the internal body temperature. Once temperatures drop below 10 °F and the wind is gusting, conditions are ripe for cold-related illnesses. Below -5 °F, any wind is a major factor in frostbite and hypothermia.

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