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Currently:71.7°F Cloudy, Dry
Cloudy, Dry
Comfort Index: Comfortable
 Updated23-May-2019 4:35pm @ 
Time of Next Full Update: 4:40 pm -  Station Elev: 1469 ft  
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Current Conditions

@ 23-May-2019 4:35pm
71.7°F Warmer 0.1°F than last hour.
Temp Change: °F /hr
Cloudy, Dry  Cloudy, Dry
Feels Like: 72 °F
Humidity: 32
Dew Point: 40.3 °FDecreased 0.1°F since last hour.
Wind: Wind from NNW NNW@
0.3 mph
Gust: 1.0 mph
Pressure: 29.96 in Falling 0.016 inHg/hour
Falling slowly
Solar Rad: 96%
517 W/m2
UV Index: 1.7
Rain Today: 0.06 in
Rain Rate: 0.000 in
Rain Month: 0.37 in
Rain Year: 4.58 in


Sunrise: 5:22 am
Sunset: 7:26 pm
Moonrise: 11:13 pm
Moonset: 9:29 am
Waning Gibbous Moon
Waning Gibbous Moon, Moon age: 19 days,10 hours,46 minutes,77%

Daily Min/Max

Today's High Temp: 72.8°F
Today's Low Temp: 51.0°F
Today's High Humidity: 82%
Today's Low Humidity: 30%
Today's High Dewpoint: 49.5°F
Today's Low Dewpoint: 38.9°F
Today's High Barometric Pressure: 29.995 in/Hg
Today's Low Barometric Pressure: 29.710 in/Hg
Today's High Wind Speed: 20.0 mph
High UV:
High Solar:
1223 W/m2
Today's High Rain Rate: 0.003 in/min
Today's High
Hourly Rain Rate:
0.170 in/hr
Days Since
Last Rain:
0 Days

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Welcome to Pepperridge North Valley's
Hawaiian Volcano Activity Page

ALOHA! Welcome to Paradise!

Enjoy These Photos from Hawaii - Click on picture for full Size View!

Hawaii Kilauea Eruption - Hawaii
Lava Erupts from Kilauea Crater - Hawaii, Hi


Kilauea's Lava flow reaches the Ocean - Hawaii
Kilauea's Lava flow reaches the Ocean - Hawaii, Hi

All Photos are 2005- 2010 by J. Summers & The Pepper Ridge North Valley Weather Station
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication or distribution is prohibited

Current Reported Volcanic Activity from - Hawaii's Volcano National Park

Hawaii Volcano National Park - Current Update

Kilauea Volcano Current Conditions Unavailable
Error reading volcano current update data. Source: Kilauea Volcano Observatory

Kilauea Volcano Cam

This is a static image of Kilauea, The VolcanoCam image automatically updates approximately every two hours.
Volcano image courtesy of ...
Live webcam images of various Hawaii volcanoes
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Webcam

Information courtesy of ...
U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO).
USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory
Cascade Range Current Update
USGS Alert-Notification System for Volcanic Activity
Volcano Observatories: Alaska
Volcano Observatories: Cascades
Volcano Observatories: Hawaii
Volcano Observatories: Long Valley
Volcano Observatories: Mariana Islands
Volcano Observatories: Yellowstone

Please Visit our other Hawaiian Pages: Hawaiian Earthquake Activity Page ·  Hawaiian Tsunami Info  · Hawaiian Weather Page

Kãne‘ohe and Kãne‘ohe Bay with the Koolau Mountains as backdrop - Windward - Oahu, Hawaii

Kaneohe and Kaneohe Bay - Oahu, Hi

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 Pepper Ridge North Valley Random Weather Facts

The name comes from the Arabic word habb, meaning "wind." A Haboob is a giant wall of dust sometimes 3000ft tall,that travels a 40mph+, they frequently form here in Arizona from the gust front outflow boundary of summer thunderstorms. Haboobs are most frequent in Southwestern North America during the months of May through September, with the most frequent occurrence in late June, but they can occur in every month. (A picture of a classic Haboob appears on our Monsoon Page.)

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